Which of the following are you experiencing?

My kid won't listen when it's time for bed 

I'm frustrated and worn out by the power struggles

The simplest things, like brushing teeth, take forever.

Dinner, homework & bedtime are a downward spiral.

I just want to snuggle or read at bedtime and instead I get a meltdown!

Boy glaring at toothbrush

An easier, more peaceful night is possible
for your family!

In this 3 week No-Yell Parenting™ BEDTIME BASICS live video class - for parents of school age kids -  you will:



"Kathy's understanding, compassionate and innovative approach to helping families create homes without yelling is a wonderful, supportive resource for any parent seeking love-based solutions and strategies to their relationship challenges with their child!"

B. Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW, Child behavior expert


******The three week series begins Wednesday, October 19th*****

Part 2 - October 26

Part 3 - November 2

Time: 12 pm - 1 pm EDT

Location: Your home or office via live Webinar

Investment - $65 for the entire three week series

(no single classes, but the recordings will be available)


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With over 25 years of nursing, holistic practices, yoga, and the arts, as well as imperfectly raising three children to happy, successful adult-hood, Kathy Whitham, RN, Parenting Coach, believes that children thrive when their parents thrive.

Her No-Yell Parenting™ model teaches parents to speak their child’s language and use love-based solutions, informed by brain science, when behavior problems arise.
According to Kathy, “Connection matters more than perfection!”


Parenting Beyond Words celebrates family diversity
and welcomes LGBTQ parents